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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Lord's Prayer - Pater Noster

The Lord’s Prayer – Pater Noster - One

Our father who art in heaven,
And above and below
And within and without
Father, brother, mother, sister
Always was and always is

Hallowed be thy name
Thank you for the miracle of being
Thank you for the cup half filled
Enjoying that what is
Not mourning that what might have been
Or never was
We lift our cups half full
In grateful wonder
To celebrate life
In humble awe of
What is

Thy kingdom come
Heralded by many through the ages
And to this day
With many Princes
Chief of whom
Is Jesus Christ
The anointed one
Who leads the way to you
Along the lowly joyful paths
And through the narrow door
Where all are welcome
By you God who are shepherd to every flock
Who welcome all
For all are called
And most are chosen