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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nO2 - No to

nO2 – No to

More bills
More hassle
More technology

Are you of an age where you do not understand your mobile phone bill?
Are you someone who worries when you are offered ‘upgrades’ by your mobile phone provider?
Are you a phone junkie who spends more money on your various phone and media bills than you spend on food?
Are you one of those idiots who haven’t a clue what phone plan you have signed up to?
Then this Post may appeal to you!

Welcome to the fold!

I have decided to say ‘No’ to
- any further upgrades
- any new phones
- any offer of tickets to gigs, concerts, music, basically no to anything
- any offer of meals, drinks, pubs, cafes or restaurants

I am of a generation which simply does not believe in the concept of a free lunch.
I also am of a generation that simply wants a phone to be a phone
It doesn’t have to
- make coffee
- take photos
- make videos
- link me to Facebook or any other book

Together let’s start a new revolution
- Reclaim our lives -get our mobile phones and lock them away for two days every week and twelve hours a day on the other 5
- Take 30 minutes before you reply to a text, any text, every text. If your caller is dying, you will have saved the cost of a text. Develop discipline and will power. Be your own man (or woman).
- Enter rehab if necessary to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.
- Donate what money you can to victims of Twitter who have abandoned their own lives and forsaken their sanity for the sake of others
- Campaign for global write down of phone bill debts owed by idiots who accepted ’free upgrades’
- Donate the money you save by not going to those concerts you really didn’t want to attend to good causes in the Third World

- It’s good to talk, but there are times when its even better to stay silent
- The conversations we don’t have are often more important than the ones we do
- Let’s give more time to the people around us, family, friends or work colleagues, let’s not cop out in the virtual world
- Let’s bring down the gears of life and enjoy the lower gears a bit more.
Excuse me now my mobile is ringing

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