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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spring in Powerscourt

I spent the lovely April day
Examining a cloud from May
It danced and glided cross the sky
It left and didn't say goodbye.

That's the thing with clouds I heard
They take their leave without a word
But just as quietly they wander in
And frame the blue with smile and grin.

I know there's times they're cold and blowy
The winter clouds are white and snowy
But April clouds are a different lot
Reminding us of all we've got

The busy birdsong hymns the meadow
Above green fields and beyond the hedgerow
Foals and horses silky haired
Happily chomp the springtime fare.

Good to be alive and good to see
The annual miracle for you and me
Despite the crisis and the woe
Nature bursts forth like times before

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