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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Original Win - an apology from God.

 Original Win  - An apology from God

Dear people of God, I'm very sorry

 That a typo of mine has caused you to worry

 The s and the w are sadly stored

 Closely together on the querty keyboard.

 I'll blame it on Genesis,

 The book, not the band

 The next bible I write

 Will be slowly, by hand.


 I thought you were clever

 And you would soon spot my error.

 To me it's abundantly clear

 Unlike a Guinness but a Weiss beer


 What I created was good and was true

 That includes people and certainly you

 The glass is more than half full

 The world is normally good, not evil.


 Just ask yourself, silly head

 Your intentions as you get out of bed

 Is it to kill and maim?

 Or break your fast and take the train?


 The milkman had now left his load

 Of milk and cream on your road.

 The bus driver has washed and driven

 So you can travel to make a living.


 The young mother holds her baby

 To her breast. It seems to me

 The world I made is mostly good

 I presumed that would be understood.


 All this talk of sin and death

 Is simply bad logic and worse math

 Open your eyes and smell the tea

 What a typo, silly me.

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