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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

With affection Kate Harte, 1920-2013

Kate from Kells

 A will of steel and iron

 Of soft and generous heart

 Appropriate then perhaps

 To marry Desmond Harte


 Many decades to remember

 As we mourned her last December

 Kate the golfer, Kate the mother

 Sister, friend, and life lover.


 A gift for friendship

 Not spread wide

 But true and close

 Right by our side.


 Ever ready, ever true

 To lend a hand

 To me and you


 Knitting, sewing, cooking, cleaning

 Nothing ever too demeaning

 Coming, going and supporting

 Driving deftly as in a Porsche

Baby sitting, reading, teaching

 Around her kitchen table

 Tea in china cups

 To the chime of carriage clocks.


 In Marie's bungalow o'er the bay

 A modest drink at close  of day

 A  lively G and T at five

 Helps the sisters to revive.


 Ever ready, ever able

 Just ring the phone

 She'll never waver. .


 Simple homely pleasures

 Span the rolling years

 Time sits still for decades

 In sleepy Dalkey streets.


 At last the call of time

 Catches Kate in clutches

 And so the days now shorten

 As eventide drew nearer.


 Never dim, but always bright

 Her smile lights up our day

 We knock, she turns

 "Hello darling" I hear her say

 Just as she peers 'mid family faces

 Her voice will echo through the ages.


  1. I happened on this through a friend's post. I do not know you nor had I known Kate. This most beautiful tribute to this woman, Kate, touched me deeply. The words not only introduced me to her but through them made me feel as though, I too, had known her and cherished her friendship. God be with her and you. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Bev. I only read your comment this evening. I appreciate your kind words. Peace! Padraic